Strategy is key to your search marketing success. When we know everything there is to know about your brand, we will move on to analyzing your website. SEO starts with a comprehensive website audit and crawl.Once we have gathered and analyzed all the data at hand, we produce two documents, your SEO strategy, and a quick hits document.The quick hits document highlights quick wins for your site, which you should be able to implement, whilst we work on other detailed recommendations for your site.

On Page SEO Optmization

  • Title Optimization.
  • Change titles of Low CTR pages.
  • Optimizing Content with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords.
  • Bold Important terms.
  • Proper use of Anchor Text.
    • For Internal Linking.
    • For External Linking.
      • To High Authority Websites.
  • SEO Titles Optimization.
  • Meta Tags Optimization.
  • Implementing Schema Markups.
  • Proper Image Optimization.
    • Optimized Image Name.
    • Alt Tag of Image with LSI keyword.
    • Adding Description of Image.
    • Compressing Images.
  • Proper use of Headings.
    • Make H2 for the most important terms.
    • Make H3 for LSI and Long Tail Keywords.
    • Make H4 for Contact and Conclusion.

Off page SEO Optmization

  • Competitor Backlink Profile Comparison
      • Using Ahrefs Site Explorer.
      • Semrush
      • Majestic
  • Finding High DR, DA Backlink Opportunities.
  • Guest Blog Outreach.
  • Relevant Comment Backlinks.
  • Niche Relevant forums Discussions.
  • Niche Relevant Q/A websites.
  • Proper Web 2.0 Backlink Strategy.
  • Suggest Tier Backlinling up to 3rd Tier.
  • Spying on the Competitor Backlinks profile.
  • Making Gov and EDU Backlinks.
  • Wiki Backlinks.
  • Image Submission websites.
  • Article Submission Websites.
  • Press Release sharing websites.
  • Document sharing websites.

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